The Spyder and Axle, two new additions to the Kovacs range, are a dynamic duo when it comes to turning a small space into a showstopper. We look at these and provide some quick tips for creating the right stage for these models.

Designing for small spaces can be a challenge. Sometimes there’s frustration trying to create something terrific out of something tiny. Getting the balance is crucial. You don’t want a result that’s cluttered and claustrophobic or, worse in many ways, a room so minimal that any sense of comfort and cosiness is completely lost. Small spaces shouldn’t need to compromise on style or comfort. Here’s how to choose the best furniture for these environments.

Find the balance. Selecting furniture that is strong and subtle may sound like an oxymoron. But it is your best bet for making the most of your space. Choose a sofa that has a small profile by going for understated legs and a low back. Avoid overly chunky cushions and arms.

Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard when selecting furniture coverings. Avoid textured fabrics and bold patterns unless they can really fit with other elements in the room.

That floating feeling. Choose a chairs and settees that are raised off the ground rather than one that goes all the way to the floor. It creates a sense of lightness and helps provide more ample floor space.

Less is more. Too often small spaces can be filled with lots of little pieces. The result is obvious clutter that tires the eyes (and our hearts). You’re better to go with one or two stunning pieces that work well for the space.

The new Axle and Spyder are the perfect combination in such an environment. The Axle’s careful design provides an impressive, understated addition to a lounge space. A steel frame adds a robust, industrial look that is beautifully balanced by the alluring texture of the feather-filled arm rests and layered foam seating. It comes in a chair, 2.5, 3 and 3.5-seater options.

The definitive partner to the Axle settee is the Spyder chair. If you’re looking for quality over quantity this is the ideal solution. With simple, commanding lines the Spyder never hogs the space, offering a compact silhouette with a deceptively comfortable seat. The Spyder stands tall, proud and defiant for good reason.

Whether you love to relax in comfort, engage in deep conversations around the coffee table or create a work of art in your living room, the Spyder and Axle are sure to be the star of your show.