There are a couple of things you’ll notice when first taking a seat on a conventional Kovacs chair. First, it’s anything but conventional.

Each chair is carefully designed and built to deliver both a unique shape and enduring style. Then there’s the industry-leading comfort and support. Both are the result of generations of furniture building, meticulous standards and an unwavering commitment to making our conventional exceptional.


Named for the robust steel frame at its heart, the Axle is a minimalist masterpiece with complex attraction.


Whimsical from some angles, serious from others, the Baxter is for those who appreciate the unexpected.


Take a seat on the hugely comfortable Bronte and enjoy the plush, enveloping support.


With a touch of New York grit and some enticing curves, the Bronx confidently offers up big city sophistication and enduring style.


The Diesel is available as both high and low back and, with fabric and leather finishes to suit your specific requirements.


The Duo breastfeeding chair is a stylish contemporary design, purpose built in consultation with health professionals and experts in this field, and now used in most major hospitals throughout New Zealand.


The reasoning behind the name of this chair should become obvious when it’s viewed alongside our popular Franklin model.


The Franklin’s plush cushioning and structure offers an elegant solution to a huge variety of interior situations.


The rugged, elemental base and tranquil backdrop of Gibbston Valley provided all the inspiration needed for this settee and chair design.


Sophisticated and sumptuous, retrospective and romantic, the Grace is undoubtedly an investment in refinement.


Now is the time to get back into your groove. The Groovy chair and couch provide timeless sophistication and superior structural and surface integrity. 


With a smaller than expected footprint and plush cushioning the Heath shares a family resemblance to the Bronte.


Classic, clean and contemporary, the Jed’s simplicity of design belies its focused bearing and clever adaptability.


The Jigsaw is a compact settee with a stylish, contemporary feel. Its proportions are low and sleek with slim arms allowing maximum seating comfort while keeping the Jigsaw foot print to a minimum.


The Lennox has a it slim-lined profile ensuring masterful efficiency and graceful comportment without compromising overall comfort in the slightest.


With bold styling and solid construction the Lincoln evokes a classical approach to furniture design – the look of yesteryear, updated for the here and now.


The Louis chair has instant appeal for those who want the best blend of quality, comfort and contemporary design.


The supple, curved and modular bearing provides encompassing support to the body and steel legs that echo the unique angles of the praying mantis – the Mantis swivel chair certainly has its contrasts.


With timeless appeal this design looks great in either fabric or leather, the polished wooden arms and dark walnut-finish legs helping it stand out while offering every incentive to sit down and settle in.


With its balanced blend of strong lines and lenient curves, the Marley sits handsomely in a range of environments. From an office break-out seat to a sunny spot in a contemporary living room, this swivel chair is effortlessly cool and entirely unflappable.


Aptly named, this unique piece promises to become your new favourite chair, a place to ruminate and rest, allowing inspiration (and relaxation) to arrive with serendipity. 


Simple, understated and classically elegant, the Nero is perfectly balanced with grace and strength.


Bridging the gap between the large lounge and the small cocktail chair, the Roma easily fits into a variety of seating settings.


The raw charm and relaxed, generous proportions provides a sense of lavish comfort and, while appearing oversized, the settee actually sits within a very compact footprint.


While restrained in design the strength in construction and assured bearing makes this chair a truly unique and personable piece.


For those who are passionate about style and colour the design of the Tango dances to a different beat.


The Taylor is very much it’s own chair, its range of unique style and comfort features providing both personality and functionality. 


The chair-bed provides a solution for short-term support person or carer needs. Enabling them to rest and be present 24/7 with their loved ones.


The bold lines and confident bearing of the Zoe makes it a great choice for the stylish modern home.


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