While restrained in design the strength in construction and assured bearing makes this chair a truly unique and personable piece.
The elegant legs have a delicate appearance that belies their true strength. Constructed in welded steel, powder-coated and securely bolted  to the solid frame for maximum support, they deliver a compact silhouette for the deceptively spacious seat.

The Spyder can sit in harmony with larger pieces or become a centerpiece in its own right, particularly when paired with bold coloured or textured upholstery. With these qualities it’s been dubbed ‘the little chair that will go anywhere’ by the team at Kovacs.

Careful thought has gone into all aspects of this design. The sit has to be experienced to be believed.  Not only is the seat superbly comfortable the lumbar support also sets the Spyder apart from similar chairs. While challenging, through careful thought to frame construction, foam choice and application, Kovacs believe the effort is worth while resulting in a supportive chair that rewards lengthy periods of rest.

Like many of the arachnids that inspired its name, the Spyder has a confidence that belies its size. It has a personality all its own. It stands tall and sizes you up.

Seat Height43
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