With confident lines and sophisticated bearing the well-crafted modern lounge can make a strong design statement while still providing absolute comfort.

At Kovacs we build our lounge range to support your sense of style and your peace of mind. Grab a good book and a drink, put your feet up and, with no nagging second thoughts, to-do lists or trivial distractions, slip into utter, unequivocal relaxation.



New Zealand’s interior design is shaped by the ever-evolving ways with which we use our homes for ease and entertainment.

Increased demand for modular seating highlights how we are now adapting spaces to cover interaction that is both inclusive and intimate. This furniture allows you to spread out or gather together, fitting the lounge to the style of the room and the needs of its inhabitants.



There are a couple of things you’ll notice when first taking a seat on a conventional Kovacs chair. First, it’s anything but conventional.

Each chair is carefully designed and built to deliver both a unique shape and enduring style. Then there’s the industry-leading comfort and support. Both are the result of generations of furniture building, meticulous standards and an unwavering commitment to making our conventional exceptional.



When buying dining and side tables, drawers and other shelving a learned perspective can make all the difference in the visual character of a room.

Our furniture range can be matched to other pieces or alternatively positioned as unique individual attractions. Available in a range of wood finishes and built to provide timeless style and usability, each piece can equal and elevate the bearing and tone of your room.



Modern society is undoubtedly fast-paced. It’s why an investment in artisan furniture can make such a difference to your quality of life.

Some of your best assets will be those that provide the opportunity to take a weight off and take it all in. Now is the time to step back from the pack and sink into the luxury with unerring support and enduring style. To repose and revitalise, now is your time to recline.


Not all ottomans are created equal.

Some sit on the sidelines next to their larger furniture relatives. Others step up and demand attention. Some offer on-the-surface surface style, others provide hidden depths of storage functionality. Our ottoman range has considerable variety in design and construction approaches. So no matter your fashion or function needs you’ll find one that perfectly matches your requirements.



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