An idiosyncratic design with layered, vertical display space and customisable details, the Bruna can play many different roles depending on the layout and aesthetic of a room.

Taking on a balancing double act as both a display unit and a divider, the Bruna’s abstract floating shelf combination will fit any collection of objet d’art while contributing to the eclectic, contemporary design style of a space. 

For designer Hildy Kovacs, the flexible shelf design was an opportunity to introduce a different element into the showroom. 

“It’s just a bit quirky, something a bit abstract. And it’s amazing how different they can look depending on how you treat them,” she says. “Often people want to change their seating areas around, so it can be manoeuvred from being a wall space to a divider – and it works perfectly as both.”

The staggered and artfully randomised arrangement of floating shelves provides spaces for large and small objects, allowing a curated and changing display. With open sides and back, the display can be enjoyed from anywhere in the room. 

“You can layer it too – the Bruna is all about layering,” says Hildy. “It doesn’t crowd a space or fill a space, but yet provides a suitable barrier should it be needed to work in this way.” 

With a framework of powder coated steel in a classic grey or black, the Bruna can also be customised with several of colours and finishes. The shelves can be created from a range of oak veneered board, making it easy for the unit to fit within an existing interior design scheme. The chunky black base gives the piece a sense of sturdy permanence, which balances the air of transparency in the shelves above. 

Sitting on lockable castors for the ultimate in manoeuvrability, the Bruna is bound to find its home in any number of rooms, adding contemporary style and sophistication.