Looking for a great new career?

Now is not the time to sit on your hands…

If you’re looking for new work stories (or know someone who is), we might have the right answer.

Like many New Zealand companies, we are on the lookout for new team members to bolster our ranks. With the popularity of our range steadily growing, we need help to meet the demand for made-right-here furniture.

Our ever-growing range is also ever growing in popularity, which means new positions are opening up in all areas from design to manufacturing, to sales, marketing and logistics. Currently we are looking specifically for those with the passion, dedication and professionalism to excel at furniture woodworking. For a full job description check out our Trade Me listing 3739119790.

Many of our team have been working here for decades. We’re a close-knit bunch and are proudly family owned. The needs of our staff are always a focus – it’s their hard work that keeps our reputation for furniture design and construction as strong as it is.

It’s not just design trends we’ve made popular either, but employment ones too. For example, many years ago we decided as a team to operate a more flexible working week, with staff voting to change the schedule of the 40-hour week to ensure longer weekends for all.

If you’d like to know more about working here email [email protected]. Likewise, if friends or family members are ready for a fresh change in employment, please tell them be in touch. We would love to meet with potential team members and talk about new opportunities.