Vashti Hammond

While relatively new to our team, our Southern Regional Sales Manager Vashti Hammond is no stranger to Kovacs furniture, having specified it in her work as an interior designer for over twenty years.

Given her background, being on the manufacturing side of furniture design is a refreshing change. “I’m fortunate to already know a lot of people in the industry, both clients and suppliers, and have great knowledge of fabrics so this always makes things way easier than starting from fresh!”

Vashti joins our team at the Christchurch headquarters, working to drive sales and to keep customers up to date with new designs, as well as maintaining a good understanding of the design and manufacture of every product in our catalogue.

Prior to starting at Kovacs, she worked in design as a freelancer. “This is something I have done right throughout my interiors career. I enjoy the diversity and understanding all areas of the industry – knowledge is power,” she says.

However, she believes it is important not to rest on your laurels when it comes to experience in the industry. “Any work experience prior is always helpful, but I do take it upon myself to learn a role to the best of my ability and then take it to a new level to really make it my own.”

No two days are the same in this role, which involves a lot of client interaction as well as a good deal of travel around the country. A recent trip took her down South to meet with existing and new clients and get a general feel for what each region is doing.

Through open communication and focused attention to detail, Vashti aims to ensure each client is thoroughly satisfied with the end product. She enjoys working in a team environment, interacting with clients, and especially seeing new designs come through from the design team and onto the factory floor. “I also love seeing what designers do for their clients – we have some amazing talent across the two islands!”

Vashti is particularly excited about the new Bronx sofa. “This little number is going to fit the briefs of stockists and designers right throughout New Zealand! It’s super comfy, sits on a metal plinth and you can dress it in fabric or leather so it’s extremely versatile.”

Outside of work, Vashti expends much of her energy and time in preparing her plot of land in Eyrewell Forest for an upcoming build. She also recently became a grandmother, and – along with caring for her five English bulldogs – this new role keeps her both busy and happy.

All this energy and enthusiasm for life and design makes Vashti an excellent addition to our team. If you have questions about your project or design needs (or how to care for English bulldogs) please don’t hesitate to get in touch with here.