It’s said that good design is made of two things: aesthetic appeal and creative problem solving. But we think there’s a third element – one that’s been behind our work over the years.

 This third design focus is evolution. Browse through the history pages of design and you’ll find evolution just about everywhere you look.

Just ask James Dyson, who decided to put a cyclone system in a vacuum cleaner. Or Earl Dean, who drew inspiration from a cacao pod and changed Coke’s bottle design into one of the most recognised pieces of design in history. And how about Apple designer, Johnathan Ive, who scrapped the computer tower and created the all-in-one iMac in all its colourful, bubble-shaped glory?

We love to improve and evolve. For years, the Ranfurly chair has been one of our most popular and enduring models. With its steady sense of style and classic design it’s somewhat of a statement piece for any home that can offer it space to flex some muscle. But what if you don’t have space for such a commanding piece of furniture?

This was the challenge we took on in their quest to evolve the Ranfurly. They set to work designing a lighter, smaller version of this model, all without losing the essence of the original design.

And so, we introduce the Kingsman – an evolution of a much-loved design.

The challenge was to create a chair that offered a stunning aesthetic but also maintained perfectly proportioned dimensions. It still has the ‘statement factor’. But it speaks from within a smaller footprint.

With high back comfort, generous foam-filled cushioning and ample relaxation this piece lends itself perfectly to either a classic or contemporary setting. It is the perfect understated addition to the lounge room or as a feature piece in a smaller space or apartment.

Available now as a chair, recliner chair, two-seater or three-seater settee, you can also customise the look with leather or fabric coverings and your choice of legs. Both compact and considerable, the Kingsman has functional flexibility while also maintaining a sense of traditional style. It’s an evolution that progresses our range without compromising what has made it so popular in the past.