What is under the surface of the Intrigue? It’s a question that draws you in for a closer look. Then, before you know it, you’re relaxing back in the warm, plush embrace and discovering the truth for yourself.

We crafted this settee to provide clean lines, sturdy construction and an unassuming but secure style that will comfortably fit into most interior environments.

First, there’s the bonded layered foam structure that provides soft, sumptuous and ongoing comfort. Then there is the adjustable headrest and seat depth, the latter allowing for an extension of up to 40 cm. This can be used to discover a hidden position ideally suited to your shape. Finally there’s the overall balance of the settee design – it’s soft and sumptuous without being overbearing or flashy.

Available as a 2.5, 3 and 3.5 seat settee this model is made for a huge range of rooms. And, as it compacts down for shipping and installation, it can slip into tight spaces with ease.

With so many recent designs in the market offering style over substance we’re proud of the lasting comfort and strength of this model. It asks the question of the buyer – would you rather be perched on the edge of an uncomfortable and incongruous couch or relaxing back into the classic style of the Intrigue?

It doesn’t really matter what we write here however, the Intrigue will prove an enigma until you take a seat in one. Now is the time to find out the answer…

2.5 Seater21595-13579-95
3 Seater22495-13579-95
3.5 Seater24795-13579-95
Seat Height45

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