A rugged, elemental base with a lush and tranquil backdrop? It’s easy to see where the design drew inspiration from the beautiful wineries and dramatic landscape of the Gibbston Valley in Central Otago.

Just like the world-renowned grape-growing destination so too do the Gibbston chair and settee look alluring from every angle. With the subtlety and elegance of the curved back each can settle down into the background or stand apart in the middle of the room.

The design may look simple at first glance. But there are often complexities and intricacies to manage when delivering such a result. We arrived there with an unwavering focus on relaxation and sophistication during the design and development phase of the Gibbston.

Combining pre-bent and straight steel components to create the shape and strength of the outer frame provides both strength and balance, allowing the cushioning and other design elements to combine with grace and style. The seat’s solid Southland beech foundation also enhances comfort here and, along with the abundant cushioning, provides optimal ergonomic support.

The outcome of our work is a carefully tailored piece, one that sits confidently in an architectural environment without compromising its sense of character or source of comfort. Plush and bold without being too flashy or ‘of-the-now’, we wanted the Gibbston, like a good vintage, to reward those who savor it in the years to come. After all, timeless comfort is one of life’s true pleasures.

It’s why this design must also come with a caveat: Hedonists beware – once you slip back into the Gibbston for a minute or two it may be challenging to do anything else (apart from perhaps call for more wine and grapes).

2.5 Seater1819486
3 Seater2139486
3.5 Seater2369486
Seat Height48

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