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The QBE thinks outside the box

Taking the lounge suite from everyday to extraordinary

We always look to ‘innovate without irrelevance’, producing design that is original and evocative without unnecessary complication or compromised comfort. It’s not easy. Time spent with the sketchpad and at the screen often goes into the small hours of the night.

Which is why, when we hit the target, when concept, design, construction and testing all deliver the goods, well… it’s something worth making a bit of a song and dance about.  

The innovative approach of the QBE ensures our customers can mix sections and match styles in exciting new ways. With innovative weighted backs and corner sections this unique range redefines the lounge suite with a sophisticated and adaptable approach to modular seating. It therefore suits domestic and commercial uses – it’s ideal seating for foyers and, with the right covering, is suitable too for the residential outdoor lounge space.

Tetris lovers will certainly love it. The lounge is certainly reminiscent of the classic computer game and, given that potential arrangements are only limited by your coordination skills and available space, it can provide just as much joy in working out the configuration possibilities.

We debuted the QBE at our Beatbox event in 2016. The feedback here was overwhelmingly positive and the orders since have proven the late nights with design were worth it.



Posted on 06/09/2016 by Kovacs

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