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Christchurch three years on

The changing view from our building post-quake

We now have a range of exciting and innovative businesses, a fresh causeway road, the beginning of a new coastal pathway and a number of other key developments to look forward to around our neck of the woods. But, just over three years ago, the scene was an altogether different one.

The Christchurch earthquake obviously changed how every company operates out this side of town. On that day the street outside our building swallowed up cars, the hills in our valley let loose massive rocks, the buildings crumbled and fell. Throughout the last three years it’s safe to say we all at one stage or another felt like we’d been put through the wringer.

There’s been a lot said about the ‘determination of Christchurch residents and businesses’, and it’s often a standard feature of media reports. But a quick tour of our premises gives you a good idea of just what that statement means. The fortitude of our team, the resourcefulness of their work and the enduring community within and around these walls is well worth noting. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished here. And we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the incredible work of our team for the loyal support of our customers.

Posted on 22/02/2014 by Kovacs

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