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History and legacy

A view from 30 years ago

Going through some old boxes of files we recently came across a newspaper profile on Stephan Kovacs, the man behind the brand. Written in 1985, this piece now provides equal parts interesting insight and warm nostalgia for many of us here.

While Kovacs still remains a proudly Kiwi, family-owned and run business, there are some differences between how it was run then compared with how it is now.  

For a start, Stephan was interviewed in our Papanui site. Here he worked with no desk, preferring to be “out in the factory somewhere, fine-tuning a piece of machinery, or in the workshop with jigs and frames.” The closest Stephan got to an office was “beside the receptionist’s telephone where a small box on the wall is labelled “Stephan”… the receptacle for messages.”

Some things are still the same however. We too are “always striving for a better design feature, an even higher quality, a new and improved way of making”. And we couldn’t agree more with Stephan when he said, “lounge furniture is to bring people together”.

The article starts by stating, “Stephan makes furniture. Not just any old furniture; the best. Like four generations of Kovacs before him have done. We’re proud to continue this legacy, and we look forward to seeing another generation of Kovacs arrive and continue the good work.

The Mayfair, shown above, was one of our very successful design ranges in Australia and New Zealand from the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s.

Posted on 04/12/2014 by Kovacs

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