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Looking after leather

If you’ve invested in quality leather furniture you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it looking good and lasting long. A lot of this has to do with ensuring regular care. We asked Johnny Kovacs for some leather tips to remember for this holiday period.

Are there any big ‘no-no’s’ when it comes to cleaning leather?

Certainly. The big one would be to never use abrasive cleaners or solvents, which can do permanent and irreversible damage. This is a regular issue around Christmas time. In the rush to get everything ready people will often attack their furniture with all kinds of inappropriate household cleaners. Only clean your leather with a product that’s made for the task at hand.

How easy is it to clean leather?

It’s very easy, provided people follow the cleaning and care instructions recommended for the type of leather their furniture is covered with. In general all leather also requires a two-step process – cleaning and conditioning. Ron Neighbours of Pelle Care products says that some furniture owners only apply leather conditioner without first cleaning the dirt and old conditioner off, which can lead to dirt trapped in the coating. It’s also good to remember that several light cleans will be better than one aggressive approach.

Is there anything else that owners need to remember?

One common problem when going away for the holidays is excessive sunlight. When going away it pays to move leather furniture away from where direct sun can stay on the furniture. If you want to leave the curtains open shift your chairs and couches away from the window areas.

It also helps to rotate furniture regularly throughout the year. This avoids overexposure to just some parts of the furniture or to certain individual pieces, which helps if you have two leather chairs and one gets more of a ‘tan’ than the other one. Rotate them out to avoid the contrast.

Do you recommend any specific products?

Here at Kovacs we suggest our customers use leather care products that provide long-term benefits along with short-term good looks. For the best of these products you don’t have to look far either – New Zealand has an internationally recognised industry-leader right in our backyard.

Pelle Care products are manufactured in Timaru. With rigorous testing they have developed top of the line care products that don’t cost the earth. When their products have been shown to extend the life of leather upholstery by up to five times when compare with untreated leather you know it’s worth the purchase. You can find out more at or call them free on 0800 102 794.

Posted on 01/12/2014 by Kovacs

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