How Kovacs progressed through lockdown

While our movements were curtailed through the recent months of lockdown we still managed to keep up with the work…

If there’s a key thing the earthquakes taught us it’s that the one constant in life is change. Yes, everything was incredibly different for a while. But the aim of our work, and the pleasure we take in it, remains unchanged.

While it was nice to spend a little extra time with family we were happy to get back to work at Level 3 with a number of changes around the factory and office. These alterations, both physical and process-driven, allowed the team to continue filling orders during this challenging time. We’re proud to have started back as soon as we could, with the team working a 36-hour week initially and now back at the full 40.

Luckily there wasn’t any dramatic investment needed to ensure people were kept apart. Our work stations are well-spaced and people don’t generally move around too much throughout the day. There was no need for visitors either, with contactless delivery systems working well.

While there have been obvious logistical challenges with the supply chain however we have processes in place to hopefully ‘smooth out’ any bumps in the road. Which is just as well, as orders have been beyond expectations.

Above: Brooklyn Settee

That’s why we want to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to everyone supporting New Zealand made furniture. We’re finding more and more people are asking specifically for NZ-made goods, both the general public and our wonderful retailers and interior designers. Which is great for so many reasons.

Supporting one local brand doesn’t just help one business, but a community of businesses. It keeps a wide range of skilled people in employment and a network of companies viable. Our local economy has never been in the spotlight as it is right now and we’re proud of the response Kiwis have made.

It’s certainly not ‘charity’ either! Buying local decreases waste from packaging and reduces the carbon footprint of furniture. It also means receiving a quality product that will last for many, many years ahead. As the world quickly changes around us it’s good to know your furniture will stay comfortable and beautiful no matter what comes next.

Above: Groovy Settee and Chair, Mason coffee table