Exploring the landscape of the Gibbston

With it’s breathtaking landscape and sheltering wineries the Gibbston Valley provides the perfect setting to draw inspiration from – particularly in summer when a sumptuous air settles over the valley and the long days slowly meander into languid nights.

When designing this piece we wanted both the chair and settee to deliver a key strength of the famous Central Otago region – it needed to look incredible from every angle.

Also, much like the wine-growing valley, we wanted this piece to exude both relaxation and sophistication. It needed to be incredibly solid yet graceful enough to sit with assured poise amongst the modern architectural environment.

The design process started with the back. With a confident, elegant curve both settee and chair can sit favourably both in the centre of a room or nestled against a wall. The pre-bent and straight steel components of the outer frame deliver further sophistication, ensuring strength and balance to the design. A solid Southland beech foundation also enhances the comfort here. Ensuring ultimate relaxation required abundant, high-quality cushioning and the finest ergonomic support.

The valley holds a special place in the heart for some here at Kovacs, with many in the company spending time over the years in the Southern Lakes region.

“It is nature at it’s best,” says Hildy Kovacs. “The raw landscape and unique climate, the history of the region with gold, farming and now grapes. There’s so much to love about it.”

Important to Hildy in her design was the need to step away from a restrictively specific look and feel.

“While I took inspiration from the place it’s resulted in a final piece that will comfortably fit into many different types of rooms around New Zealand,” she says. “Good furniture design should provide both unique style and adaptability of that style. It’s not just a model for those with good taste in Central Otago!”