Room for reading in Queenstown 

While it’s all well and good browsing a catalogue or visiting a showroom there’s nothing quite like seeing how a piece fits into a room post-purchase. Our new Sitting Pretty series visits Kovacs furniture out ‘in the wild’. From the recent models to the classic designs, every piece tells a story and, in Queenstown, a new chapter for the Groovy has started…

The settee originally had to fit the brief for something that would be “comfortable and stylish while also looking impressive in the background of Skype meetings.”

With a lot of deliberation behind them, searching both online and through the Queenstown furniture stores, the owners arrived at the black leather three-seater for their home office.

The Groovy met the brief well. However after a couple of years at its former location it was time to house-hunt. Many a potential home was questioned and/or ruled out in part due to a lack of appropriate space for the Kovacs settee. That was until the owners found their new home and the perfect reading nook at the top of the stairs.

With reclaimed timber, industrial balustrades and focused lighting the spot seemed custom-made for the Groovy. While the settee stood out in the old room as a central piece it is now more ‘at home’ in the new location.

The couch is the occasional spot for drama, with the home’s consistently vexed cat often in a tense standoff with the Weimaraner over who goes first on the stairs (the cat always wins). But it’s also a perfect spot to relax after a busy day, occasionally looking up from the page to see what’s happening on the street outside.

The couple, a writer and a teacher, have plenty of books in their home, which is why they’re now undertaking an office renovation with more bookshelves (and are considering another Kovacs chair for the library space here).

In the meantime they’ll continue to love staring out the window as the winter storms wrap around the Remarkables, snug and warm with a pillow, a throw and a good book on the Groovy.