Introducing the Brooklyn

In design, extremes are easy. Balance is much more difficult to master. That’s why Hildy Kovacs took her time carefully coordinating the lines of our newest model.

The Brooklyn, with its peaceful symmetry and astute simplicity, speaks to this experience and reflection, the result a perfectly balanced piece of modern furniture.

Destined for apartments or open living, the low back and level arms of the Brooklyn create a compact silhouette. Tightly upholstered surfaces are smooth and allow the piece to maintain a neat appearance over time, whether covered in fabric or leather. The firm surface may give an initial impression of austerity. But in fact a deep seat and supportive back envelop the user and laminated foam cushions provide unfaltering comfort.

That thanks to the generous depth and laminated foam of the cushions.

A slim, upholstered plinth adds finer detail to an otherwise substantial piece and balances the circular elements with its contrasting angles. The legs, long and tapered, elevate and soften the profile.

The construction is sturdy and as with all our work, designed for a long life. Frames are crafted from strong Southland beech to ensure this longevity, and the two larger models are reinforced with steel.

The result is one of perfect checks and balances. In an open space, or as a focal point, the Brooklyn stands out and draws attention. Yet with composed proportions delivering suitable versatility so too does this settee comfortably inhabit a number of situations across the commercial and residential design landscapes.