Your furniture fabric care guide

We believe there’s no point investing in timeless designer furniture if you don’t treat it with the respect it deserves. Sometimes however it’s easy to forget or overlook simple ways to care and maintain your chairs and couches. Here are our five furniture fabric tips to ensure your investment looks as good in the years to come as it did the day you bought it.

1) Little and often: General cleaning. 
The good news is that it doesn’t take long to ensure your fabric stays looking great. Accumulated grit will accelerate wear, dull colours and shorten the life of your furniture and excessive dust can play havoc with allergy sufferers. Vacuum with a clean brush at least once a week to remove dust and dirt particles, and improve dust removal by pre brushing with a clean soft brush.

2) Dress up. Ongoing care.
Furniture that is in constant use needs a corresponding amount of “dressing” to maintain its appearance. Regular plumping of cushions not only helps retain comfort and appearance but also ensures there are no folds in the fabric, which can result in premature wear. All reversible cushions should be turned positions switched regularly to prevent soiling to one side only and encourage balanced wear. When moving your furniture either lift it or push from the back also – don’t use the upholstery as handles.

3) Wear and tear(s). Correct use.
Many people seem to prefer perching on the arms, back tops or on the front edges of the cushion. Try your best to discourage such use – it will cause permanent distortion of the padding foam and springs and wear and tear on the fabric in high-visibility areas. Likewise the young (and sometimes not so young) seem to view all furniture as a potential trampoline, which obviously shortens the life of the fabric. Look out for sharp objects (toys, rings, buckles, jewellery etc), be aware of jeans (besides the studs the denim itself is quite abrasive) and, of course, keep an eye on those pets!

4) Here comes the sun. Light protection
Exposure to prolonged sunlight or excessive heat will result in the fading of colours and the eventual disintegration of the fabric. So it always pays to position your cherished pieces properly and draw the curtains or the blinds at times when they are at the mercy of the sun. Likewise, heat sources (such as resting a hot cup on the arm) can result in permanent marking.

5) The small print: Read the instructions. 
It should go without saying – but often you’re just too busy to read the instructions on everything. It is important however, and the care label attached to the bottom of the furniture (or, if the seat cushions are loose, sewn to the tray), gives you a clear idea of the specific cleaning instructions for your piece.